Clinical lab billing

The Medical Billing TMB serves you with the expertise to solve your laboratory billing process and calculations. We specialized in clinical lab billing services with a year of experience. We aim to settle all the issues that you confront to lab billing and medical billing. We maintain and perform what you require for your clinical setting. You can avail of our following services. We have an efficient and outcome-based track record of improving reimbursements and collections. Moreover, we have affordable, inexpensive, and effective medical billing processes and services for our customers. We are the top clinical pathology laboratories billing service provider in the USA with high-quality services and reimbursements boosting techniques. So, it’s your time to enjoy more benefits with our lab billing services.

Clinical Laboratory Billing Process And Services

Although, lab billing guidelines are provided to us each customer for improving the reimbursements and revenue. You can leverage our following clinical pathology laboratories billing services. That is:

  • Census Entry lab billing
  • Toxicology lab billing
  • Molecular lab billing
  • Clinical lab billing
  • Pathology lab billing

These are the billings services that we cover for your clinical setting. But you can add or eliminate it according to your needs and desire. As we mentioned above, that customization is also offered with our clinical lab billing services. Let’s check its elaboration.

Census Entry Lab Billing

We offer the Census Entry lab billing services because we understand the robust functioning of this billing. It is challenging to manage things and make billing easier. Getting an order is the first step in the lab billing process. Our workflow is so organized that we receive the order, verify the eligibility, insurance account verification, manage missing info, make entry charge, review coding, schedule the appointments and services, send the reports and proposals to payer and user, address the rejected claims with instant functioning. So, we make the census entry more feasible and supportive of your clinical lab billing.

Toxicology Lab Billing

Toxicology lab billing is much more reimbursements declining kind of billing. It is because of its codes changed by CPT in the last five years. But, we drill with these issues and hold the capacity to offer what your expertise is. Our effort is to tackle the uncertain codes by offering certain services to improve your reimbursements and quality services to customers.

Molecular Lab Billing

We handle the molecular lab billing issues to ensure better billing services. We apply government policies and mark up your revenue. That is why we use billing and coding blend with efficiency to calculate bills, instant reply to denials and rejections.

Clinical Lab Billing

Clinical lab billing has been facing the waves of changes in codes, charges, and revenue declines since 2014. PAMA made the variation and make necessary rules and requirements for lab billing. But we manage all these issues by tooling the skills of our experts and 24/7 available staff to address billing claims, denials, and boost revenue.

Pathology Lab Billing

We provide in-depth knowledge for pathology lab billing to address all the factors effectively. The application of current working knowledge, CPT codes updates, and restriction information hep our users to stay away from uneven outcomes.

Last but not least, we do what you require or your clinical lab billing. We always appreciate the customized orders; we can help you in your individual, government, or private level of laboratory billings services with affordable and pocket-friendly ranges.

Optimize Reimbursements with TMB Services

Well, TMB is the best and promising clinical lab billing service provider in the USA with its working and reimbursements boost. We have the recognition that reimbursements face very much complexity in the lab billing process because of its length, coding, diagnosis, billing calculation, and finally, sending the lab services to the user and the payer for getting back your revenue. We manage all these things with our certifies team of staff who are professional and skilled. They tackle all the Clinical lab billing issues and aid in your clinical setting growth. What do we do? Let’s check out the details:

Stay Updated

We understand that advancements are growing with the wave. The last changes in codes and modifiers make the coders confused, and they eventually can’t match with the new requirements. We trained our coders to follow all the rules and regulations of the government to boost your revenue. We do care about the revenue boost and focus on all the laboratory billing process. Because we know that this is a challenging and robust task to manage this sort of billing due to codes and modifiers. We aim to leverage our services to our customers for appeasing outcomes.

Keep the record of AR accounts

Data management and accounts are also included in our best services that help you to stay organized. In the mess of this challenging and ever-changing clinical billing services, we work in a flow by arranging all the primary things in quay. We keep the record of AR accounts and verify the insurance account so that you provide your lab billing guidelines and services to those who offer no revenue loss to your clinical setting.

Expert-Based Laboratory Billing Solution

You can benefit from our clinical pathology laboratory billing solution from our skilled personnel. And you can manage your lab billing issues with our practical and revenue-boosting strategies. The role of coding is more crucial; that is why we have our staff of coders that are certified from ACCA and compliant with HIPPA. We manage the fundamental point of clinical lab billing processes and settle the afterward with no worry. Coding becomes more comfortable with us because we have the exact codes that are easy to put and make billing analysis more accessible.

Safe You From Billing Loopholes

Many factors can threaten your lab billing services and make it more challenging to run. So, in that case, we help you to improve your bottom line and enjoy more fruitful perks. We have the tactics, committed staff, and government-based rules to make your billing more error-free and efficient.

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