COVID-19 Impact

There is a situation that is unwanted and uncontrollable. Some facts are supporting to overcome this pandemic, but mostly it causing a haphazard condition in all departments of life. Even though medical billing companies have confusion in the bill making, that is why patients are getting surprised billing charges into their services. These bills are increasing from dollars to a thousand dollars due to the COVID-19 emergency. Charges of the treatments are increased due to uncertain testing, longer stay to hospitals, and other expensive treatments. This disease is new and having a limitation on its scientific observation, which is why doctors are looking forward to managing it in an effective and controllable manner.

Why is there a Delay in Solving the Non-Patients Testing Problem?

As a matter of fact, testing is one of the essential parts to control coronavirus spread in society and the world. This is the most crucial thing and done on a priority basis to minimize the effect of the novel coronavirus. It is also essential to test the person who is having the symptoms and must separate from the rest of the people to cease the spread of this virus to other people. And this can only be done with testing. After getting the reports of examination, there will be lesser chances to develop new cases of his virus. It has been evident with the facts that one person may affect many other persons and create a chain of patients that lead to an uncontrollable flood of COVID-19 patients. So, testing should be done to isolate the effected patient from the rest of the other persons.

But, the reality is that this virus is not previously added into the list of medical billing. Its testing process and specification are not present because this pandemic has been handling by humans for the first time in their history, which is the reason that most of the patients deny getting the testing because of uncertainty about the bills. And when they saw the bills, they are surprisingly higher in amounts. This is also not the fault of medical billing companies or insurers. This is quite a genuine issue with all the things that COVID-19 is new and not existed in previous records of medical billing. Government payors and insurers are well aware of the fact that there is always the need for preapproval while going to add anything in medical billing. Moreover, changes and rules regulation is part of billing.

The best thing is that many billing companies and insurers are making their bills error-free to satisfy their patients with reasonable charges and relieve their burden of huge bills. However, this may take time and a little bit of effort to enjoy overall benefits. Additionally, this is also causing a state of confusion because of uncertainty and unclarity in bill making.

Testing of COVID-19 Needs Management with Un-diagnosed Persons

The problem is that if a person is having an issue, then he got favors from the government and incentives from the insurers. But, if the person has been not diagnosed with COVID-19, than he has to pay all the services that he got during his stay in the hospital. This is quite difficult to manage because testing is important, and if the person has been diagnosed with any other health issues or viral problem. He has to wait for the reports and get the other aids such as testing, X-Rays, numerous swabs, and IV drips. These are the most common and usual things done with the patients before they got the diagnosis. And if they are not included in the coronavirus panel, then he has to pay all the charges. Furthermore, the patient has been getting the treatment and waiting for the reports. After he has been out of COVID-19 threat, he will pay all the service charges that he got during his stay in the hospital.

Additional Services Charges to Patients

It is not necessary to have one person for the treatment, testing, and look after from your connected network of insurance company and medicals service provider. Many services are out of the network of medical billing but related to COVID-19. They also charge the extra amount to patients in the form of surprise charges in the bills. In simpler words, not all the services offered in normal routine keep up in this devastating condition because the things are more complicated and ambiguous. Any extra service such as anesthesiologists, technicians, and doctors will add up more charges to bills and increase the amount in the patient billing.

UnExplained Charges Mark Up the Surprise Amounts in Bills

Moreover, all the facts are not explained to the patients, and they keep on getting the treatment and see the bills when they got healthy. Surprisingly, the government, aid packages, insurance companies, and hospitals are trying to manage this hurdle and looking forward to tackling these issues for their patients’ relive. But, the truth is that all this will take time to implement because of COVID-19. However, keeping an eye on all the updates will serve the medical billers to manage this gap of extreme billing with beneficial functioning for the patients and themself too. After all, it is their responsibility to provide new agreements based policies into practical implementation for the charges decrease.

TMB For Revenue Cycle Management

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