Lab Billing Services and Process

Lab Billing Services and Process

Laboratory Billing Process & Services

The Medical Billing backed with unique characteristics to manage the laboratory billing process and services. Our working capacity offers the customers a remarkable boost to revenue and support reimbursements. We have a brilliant track record of old AR accounts along with clinical billing, DNA billing, pathology billing, toxicology billing, and molecular lab billing kinds. All these things are offered only by TMB services. That is why we have satisfied customers who have been enjoying increased collections, no denials, shorter reimbursement cycles, and whatnot. All these things beaded with one medical billing service that is TMB.

Services by The Medical Billing

The role of TMB is quite crucial for the laboratory billing solutions. We have the following services that you can avail in different fields of laboratory medical billing. They are:

Clinical Billing Services 

We offer clinical lab billing services to help clinicians run their business setup without any obstacles. We make sure you get a revenue boost and mark up in reimbursement with the help of our certified experts.

Pathology Billing Services

The role of pathology billing is crucial. That is why we have provided the medical lab billing solutions in a very affordable and useful way.

All these types are under the umbrella of medical lab services. You can obtain maximum reimbursements and revenue with the help of TMB lab services. We are committed to providing the best billing expertise with the help of our team of skilled coders and billers.

Toxicology Billing Services

Toxicology lab billing is one of the services involved in our laboratory billing process. We understand the importance of toxicology lab billing. That is why our experts function to reduce the issues and combat with all the challenges. To eradicate the issues in toxicology ab billing, we make sure that documentation must be accurate because documents play a vital role in delivering services to the patients. Any mistake may lead to denials due to lack of medical necessity. Testing and test application also require complete detail because if you have applied a test frequently to a patient then reimbursement will not be paid. So, keeping their record is important to reduce the risk of revenue loss.

Molecular Billing Services

Molecular lab billing is a complex kind of billing due to its testing. Moreover, it can be a very expensive billing service in the future. Unclear documented medical necessity, credentialing issues, unavailability of insurance contracts, and everchanging requirements of CMS make the thing more complex. We provide a tedious and well-skilled working capacity to combat all these hurdles.

TMB Laboratory Billing Solutions

The importance of laboratory billing services has been increased in recent years because there are different fields that came into this field and increased the work demands. We recognize this fact and its impact on billing. That is why we tooled the PAMA pricing on all clinical and specialized lab tests. Lab tests and lab billing are always backed with variations and challenges. We try our best to strive through these challenges and tool the skills of our certified laboratory billing specialists. We utilized the CPT updates and apply all the coding changes along with modifiers to make it more reliable and advanced. You can benefit from our regional medical lab billing services. We have the supported billing solutions to effectively manage all the issues of your lab. Moreover, we maintain the use of technology and mechanical sources to give our customers the best blend of revenue cycle management.

Fulfill Billing Goals

We work dynamically to fulfill all the needs of physician billing companies. TMB offers professional and customized services for all kinds of customers. We have expertise in hospital-based and independent lab billing institutes. We provide basic solutions and consultation to our customers with lab and billing expertise. You can level your bottom line with our comprehensive and remarkable working tactics for billing, coding claims-making, and resolving the denied claims.

Manage the Census Entry

PAMA pricing and reporting have been changed in 2020. It has changed all the things ranging from information management to claims-making. The concern of all this change is to improve the quality of lab billing companies and their working for people and service providers. The previous data entry and coding methods are now gone and new things are promulgated. TMB has also adopted all those ways that are outdated, errors composed, and time-consuming.  The change has fluctuated the use of census entry process and lab billing. But, we manage the laboratory medical billing cycle from the beginning. Our team handles all orders according to your feasibility. We accept all kinds of formats such as manual, email, EMR, etc.