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Company’s Overview

Our Company “The Medical billing” was founded back in 2014. Within this dilute amount of time, we have grown to become one of the best online medical billing service providers in the US.

With our professional staff and 21specialties, we have every solution to your problems regarding medical billing Services and coding. Till today we have a number of physicians that we love to work with and aid them to get away with any issue they face or fulfill any of their demands.

As we take the responsibility of managing the bill, we make sure that every invoice or fee from a patient is collected and handled in a way that increases cash flow, reducing bad debt levels. This way we make it certain that the doctor and patient relationship isn’t disturbed.

Our medical billing and management services are proficient in handling entire billing operations which includes:

  • Claim creation
  • Fast submission
  • Aggressive follow-up
  • Denial management
  • Dispute management
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

Additionally, we offer guidance from time to time to increase the percentage of income that you’ll get as a physician. It doesn’t matter to us that you practice solo or have a multi-specialty group you can work with us and get the most out of it.

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    How do we work?

    We believe in driving results and to do this we focus on every inch and make sure everything is perfect. The whole billing operation is divided and for every part, we have a separate department which is overseen by a manager. This way we increase the efficiency and process results in no time.


    Validating– Negotiates with Insurance companies and Hospitals during enrollment.
    Billing– Create a bill including every certain charges in or out of hospital as per the physician’s guidelines.
    Collection– Works on aging report and also assure re-claiming of rejected claims.
    Benefit Department– Let the patient know about the charges they have to pay.
    Claim Submission & Tracking– From submission to after submission tracking, all claims are managed and processed.
    Quality Check Department– Quality assurance is done and errors are pointed out.
    Payment Processing Department– Payments are posted from payers. Closing reports are made and submit patient’s statements.
    Data Management– All the data is secured and secured and allow quick access to data
    Tech-Support– Resolve every hardware and software issues to ensure no delays.

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    Our Work Flow

    At first, a patient arrives and show off their insurance cards to their respective doctors. The doctors can check the validity of their insurance in their office or they ask us to validate it. After the validation, data entry works begin where all the information is entered into the system. Afterward, the data is sent to a medical coder (reconciliation level 1) to abstract and translate it into useable medical code. Reconciliation level 2 checks for error and edit it if required. When all the codes are received, the claim report is then sent to the payer (insurance companies) electronically. Within the span of thirty days, the payment process report is received. Three scenarios come up:
    • Payment successfully received and the claim is resolved
    • The claim is in process
    • Claim denial
    The claim payment received is then sent to the respective physician and the patient is called to ask about their insurance and the effectiveness of the insurance. If the payment is still in the process then we ask for updates and make the process completed as early as possible. The last is when the claim is denied then the A/R follow-up team receives it and looks for solutions to the problems that occurred during the claim. The patient is called and information about their insurance and the claim is then resubmitted after knowing the error.
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    In the end, a report is made and sent to the doctor about the patients and their claims.

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